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Healthcare Client Testimonials

Corlund clients currently include a variety of healthcare institutions of various types and sizes, to whom we bring a wide base of experience from a variety of industries. These clients range from national healthcare systems with over 80 facilities among multiple business forms (hospitals, outpatient centers, senior living, skilled nursing, home care, pharmacies, and so on) to free-standing community hospitals. Regardless of size or type of ownership, we help then to navigate through sensitive strategic and leadership transitions while maintaining positive relationships among incumbent CEOs, CEO successors, senior leaders, and boards. Our ability to guide the process, array critical insights about candidate competencies, and facilitate agreement among board members and senior leaders is what keeps our clients coming back and referring others to us. Satisfied clients explain why, in their own words:

“I wish we had hired Corlund two years earlier.”

Board Chair, commenting about Corlund’s board effectiveness
assignment which preceded CEO succession planning

“Thank you for helping us to avoid a train wreck when our CEO successor decision went public.”

Board chair, describing succession and selection process coaching

“Working with The Corlund Group is a joy! They are easy to work with, read people and cultures well, and can bring out the ‘we’ in seemingly different groups. They can get more done in less time than any other consulting group I have worked with, and in doing so they leave people feeling satisfied that they’ve been heard. They are excellent communicators, experienced facilitators, critical thinkers, and effective strategic guides.”

Board chair for a newly created affiliation between two hospitals from adjacent communities

“The Corlund group was invaluable in our succession planning and transition to a new CEO. Their insights about leadership competencies required and their in-depth assessments of potential candidates enabled the Board of Directors to make a successful decision.”

Board vice chair, about succession planning and selection processes working with The Corlund Group

“The Corlund partners have a unique ability to listen and then provide consultative recommendations that enabled our board to ‘own’ the discussion, debate, and resulting decisions about our governance effectiveness. Our board gained valuable tools for future board development and leadership that enhance our strategic oversight of our healthcare organization.”

Board Chair, describing a Board self-assessment engagement

“Corlund's work with our Board Governance Committee began in 2006 and has resulted in a perfectly executed CEO transition plan. Based on Corlund's astute leadership assessments of my direct reports, I promoted two people whom I may well have overlooked. Corlund equipped our Governance Committee, Search Committee, and full board with the education and tools needed to select a new CEO to lead the System thru the uncertainty that lies ahead.”

CEO who spearheaded succession planning with Corlund five years before announcing his retirement

“The Corlund Group not only provided solid insights into our senior leaders’ readiness for advancement, but they also offered tremendous experience and counsel in the process of leadership continuity planning. Their guidance and advice have been invaluable in our CEO succession process.”

Board member anticipating his long-time CEO’s retirement

“Few events in the life of a Board of Directors are more unsettling than replacing a long-term CEO. Our board gained from partnering with The Corlund Group; they understand the succession process enough to guide us in structuring our board’s role and activities to ensure a successful search (even though they don’t perform search themselves). We found their services to be informative, stabilizing, supportive, and directional.”

CEO with his Board on succession planning with Corlund

“Corlund’s assessment of our CEO candidates nailed it!”

Chair of a Board Succession Planning Committee

At Corlund, we bring our clients wisdom and experience in helping to:

  • Determine the implications of external marketplace change for strategic direction and priorities.
  • Define future leadership requirements.
  • Identify and develop potential internal candidates for CEO and senior officer positions.
  • Orchestrate the CEO selection process.
  • Assess potential successors (internal or external) against requirements.
  • Plan the transition between executives.
  • Develop communications releases announcing transitions.
  • Provide “on-boarding” coaching to senior leaders entering new roles.

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