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Change Management

Organizations are living organisms. They live, breathe, and grow. They develop habits -- ways of operating that they use over and over in similar situations. Habits are what allow large groups of people to interact effectively across functional, geographic, and business unit lines. Habits are also what make it hard for organizations to anticipate and adapt to change.

The Corlund Group draws on solid analytical methodologies, proprietary survey tools, and diagnostic interview processes that evaluate organizational effectiveness against future marketplace requirements. Our interpretation of research findings combines a deep understanding of hard business realities (strategy, competitive dynamics and financial structure of the company) with understanding of the "softer" organizational realities (relative unity of purpose, depth of capabilities, readiness to change, and capacity to learn).

The Corlund Group's change management services help clients determine whether to change, how much, and in what directions. Sometimes the change is as small as an altered management process that increases leadership effectiveness and collaboration in the top management team. Sometimes it is as major as a global restructuring and restaffing at the top in which new roles and responsibilities drive new ways of operating. Regardless of the magnitude of change, Corlund professionals bring solid process skills and experience that help management teams create shared visions for change and shared plans for achieving them. We balance the search for an analytical "best" answer with the search for a solution that the existing management team is able and willing to execute successfully. We balance guidance (when and how to take action) with support, education, and coaching to ensure that the actions taken are appropriate and effective.

The Corlund Group is equipped to facilitate, educate, coach, and challenge our clients. We work in partnership with client teams, knowing when to provoke and when to listen, when to facilitate and when to confront. Our commitment is to building leaders with the foresight to anticipate future challenges and organizations capable of mastering them.

Corlund's change management services tend to be most useful in these kinds of situations:




Adapting to Changing Markets


Driving Strategy Implementation


Raising the Bar


Merger Integration

If your goal is to checkmate a moving target, you need all of your players on the same game board and aiming in the right direction.

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