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Why Corlund

Most of Corlund's clients have the choice of retaining us or a large global consulting firm. So why do they say they choose us? We've asked them, and their answers are strikingly similar:


Corlund consists only of senior, seasoned professionals whose stock-in-trade is work with corporate CEOs, officers, and directors. We don't mount teams of green, junior consultants or ask you to pay for their training. Neither do we ask our clients to pay for layers of management that are needed to supervise junior consultants' work. Our repeat clients say:


"The Corlund principals are doing the work: What you see in the selling process is what you get: Corlund doesn't put junior people on senior problems. There's no separation between selling and doing."


"We chose Corlund because we got personal service from the Principals. We didn't want patented solutions or consultants who would tell us what we already knew. We wanted a 'razor-sharp' diagnosis that would cut to the heart of the issues, and we always get that from Corlund."


"Corlund professionals find the right way to frame our most sensitive problems so we can hear and act on them. They know how to confront us with truth without being offensive."


Because Corlund teams aren't "layered" and we're not applying generic solutions, we focus quickly on identifying the client's real need and on satisfying it. Our repeat clients say:


"Corlund doesn't lengthen the work in order to create follow-on or sell other services. They figure out what is the real project requirement, and then do it quickly and well. They're just a better value."


"Corlund works quickly with a focus on quality solutions for the work at hand, without distraction from potential other assignments that might become apparent. I always know that they'll deliver for me in a professional, thorough, and timely manner."


Corlund success rests on quality delivery that meets or exceeds client expectations. That's why some of our client relationships go back more than 20 years. Our repeat clients say:


"Corlund professionals listen well and push back to get to the root of the issues. Their presence and delivery builds credibility with top executives that larger firms often lack."


"From their first engagement, they built credibility at least equal to that of the big-name, global consulting firms. We don't hire them to get an army; we hire them to get insightful solutions to our most sensitive and pressing leadership dilemmas."

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