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Governance Effectiveness

Governance structures and processes have been under attack since the early 1990s, as institutional investors and experts in shareholder value began assigning accountability to Boards of Directors for disappointing CEO and corporate performance. Yet the Boardroom process is, in many ways, a mystery that is governed by tradition, CEO tenure and personality, and the particular composition of each Board.

The Corlund Group understands Board dynamics, based on our consulting experience and our proprietary governance research. The most effective Boards view themselves as intact governance teams and work to clarify roles and responsibilities, governance protocols, and norms for interaction that will allow a free exchange of information and opinions without undermining support for management. The least effective Boards are those still governed by the formalities of tradition and closely constrained by their CEOs.

The Corlund Group's governance effectiveness services help Boards to strengthen their partnership with the CEO while increasing their independence and objectivity in CEO selection, oversight, evaluation, performance management, and removal. We clarify roles and responsibilities between the CEO and the Board and improve governance processes to increase the Board's base of information about CEO and company performance while sustaining strong CEO support. We provide objective evaluations of CEO and Board performance and conduct disciplined assessments of potential CEO successors so CEO transitions can be planned, rather than precipitous. Finally, we help Boards build a sense of teamwork and collaboration that allows Directors to challenge freely while demonstrating solid support for their chosen leaders.

Corlund works with Boards and CEOs to address three kinds of challenges:


Updating Governance Processes


Evaluating CEO and Board Effectiveness


Evaluating Potential CEO Successors

Governance Effectiveness

For some Boards of Directors, the most sensitive dilemma is how to demonstrate support for the CEO while at the same time providing shareholders with thorough and responsible oversight.

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