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Change Management: Driving Strategy Implementation

Sample Client Issue:
Driving Strategy Implementation

Several clients in varied industries had been operating with a geographically-focused strategy. Each region addressed different market segments with different products. New CEOs were committed to creating a global business and creating global product lines. They needed professional guidance to make the changes well and quickly.

A global corporation had been facing increasing pressure to perform from the financial community, and it had begun selling off various pieces of its portfolio in order to bolster earnings. A new CEO concluded there was little left to sell and that the new formula had to involve strengthening the core businesses through aggressive acquisition and grass roots growth initiatives. Early in his tenure he announced to the Street that new growth initiatives would change the company's performance profile within 12-18 months. Then he launched a series of growth planning meetings within each operating division, culminating in a combined corporate growth conference at which senior executives from each operating business learned about, discussed in depth, and committed to support corporate growth priorities selected from the various business units. This CEO was both establishing a new priority for growth and creating a new culture that emphasized speed, agility, innovation, and aggressiveness at both business unit and corporate levels.

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