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Executive Leadership: Organizational and Cultural Change

Sample Client Issue:
Organizational and Cultural Change

A new CEO was attempting to accelerate growth and improve returns in a way that would re-establish traditional market leadership. In the past, a regional structure had prevented unified focus on priority global market opportunities. Now he was prepared to restructure, restaff, and change the traditional "comfortable" culture in order to drive improved performance through globalization, increased sense of urgency, and collaboration across traditional organizational "boundaries."

A new CEO for the North American business of a commodity chemicals producer was brought back from an extended expatriate assignment to bring fresh thinking to the situation. He found lagging financial and market performance, a complacent team, slow decision making, and weak cross functional collaboration. After a period of intensive dialogue with managers and workers at all levels, he decided to restructure into a process organization, to break down traditional "silo" thinking. He appointed a new senior leadership team and began an intensive organizational and cultural redesign process to intensify customer loyalty, intensify innovation and accelerate speed to market, and streamline the company's cost structure. Over time he began involving successively greater numbers of managers in learning about and participating in planning for how to make the new structure work most effectively.

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