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Corlund Services:
Executive Leadership Assessment and Development

The difference between managers and leaders is fundamental, but not always recognized:


Managers optimize what exists by operating it as well as possible. They plan, direct, organize, and control.


Leaders create what doesn't yet exist by helping their people to get from where they are to where they haven't been before. They envision, mobilize, and focus.

The traditional hierarchical organization -- the organization that required layers and layers of managers -- is going the way of the dinosaur. Networked, collegial, "lateral" structures are becoming more common as companies seek to improve customer focus, increase flexibility, accelerate decision making, and build adaptability. The capabilities required to lead this kind of organization at the CEO, Board of Directors, and officer levels are quite different from those required to manage the layered organization, and they often require individuals to approach their daily duties in new ways.

Corlund's leadership assessment and development services build on a proprietary, research-based framework that highlights what effective leaders do on the job and how they arrange their organizations for peak effectiveness. We adapt this framework to each client's requirements by translating each type of leadership activity into specific observable competencies and behaviors. The customized requirements profile then serves as a foundation for disciplined executive and organizational assessments at CEO, Board, and officer levels, identifying strengths and areas for development against future needs.

Whether the work product is an "answer" (specification of future requirements and assessment of talent against them) or a facilitated or coached process for orchestrating change, and whether it relates to the CEO, the top management team, or the Board, we apply the same rigor, pragmatism, dedication to client objectives, and compassion for people. Our staffing-to-strength philosophy and personal feedback and coaching sessions help achieve client objectives while maximizing executive retention and development.

The Corlund Group helps clients to profile and build leadership capabilities in three kinds of situations:


CEO Succession


Strategic Repositioning


Organizational and Cultural Change

Executive Leadership Assessment and Development

Leadership selection poses the challenge of knowing what capabilities your executives have and how to combine them into a unified and winning team.


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