The Corlund Group offers consulting services in leadership, 
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Philosophy and Approach:
What Makes Corlund Different

The Corlund Group helps clients to solve the leadership puzzles posed by a changing and often uncertain future.Consultants in Organizational Development and Leadership

Many top executives and their management teams assume that the future will look like the past. That's what they know and understand. That's where they know how to operate. And that's where their successes were forged. Yet that mindset can be a trap, because change that's a surprise is more dangerous than change that is planned.

Our Value Added

The Corlund Group's value added to its clients is to help them to look beyond the horizon -- beyond where they've been -- Governance, CEO and Board Effectivenessto anticipate and adapt to market discontinuities. Our experienced professionals help clients to deal with the unexpected by preparing for it, in advance. We provoke executive teams to put together the pieces of what they know in ways that reveal evolving leadership imperatives and build leadership skills.

The Provocative Coach

Corlund helps clients address leadership, governance, and change management challenges by combining content knowledge of business, organization, and leadership with superior process skills. We offer recommendations and design processes as required, but more importantly we do so in the role of provocative coaches. Change ManagementWe bring proven analytical methodologies to the design of research tools and interpretation of their results, the evaluation of organizational structures and behaviors against future market requirements, and the assessment and development of leaders, teams, and organizations. We bring solid process skill and experience to help management teams create shared visions for change and overcome resistance. Our senior professionals bring both solid content solutions and extensive process experience to individual coaching, facilitated team meetings, and the orchestration of broad change processes. We know when each is most appropriate to build your capabilities to function independently of outside consultants.

We don't supplant your resources -- we enrich them. We give you the ball when it matters most, and we challenge you to do your best with it.


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